Saving The Environment.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Saving The Environment.

I think deep down we would all like to try and do our best for the environment, whether it be in big ways or small ways.
There are simple and easy ways you can make changes in your life which can help save the environment, and save money in some cases.

Recycle: Glass, plastic, wood, clothing, paper, metal etc. You can recycle so much these days, we notice this when we look at our wheelie bins and see a difference between how full the blue bin (recycle) is to the black bin (general waste). With glass and paper banks dotted around towns, specifically at supermarkets, it's so easy to recycle without making a special effort.

Don't use your car. I'm not saying to completely stop using your car, but by walking or cycling not only will you save money on petrol, you will also save the environment and get some exercise too.

Save water. Simple things like turning the tap off when you brush your teeth, using a dishwasher rather than washing up by hand, sharing baths. Getting a water butt for the garden to collect up rain water to then use on your plants is a great way to save water and money. Use a water calculator too see where you could cut back.

Stop junk mail. Where possible, call, write to or email companies sending you junk mail. Explain that you don't want to receive it anymore and ask them to remove you from their contact list. This could in turn save a tree.

Save Energy. Don't leave electrical items on standby, and turn off anything you are not using, including lights. Put your washing on the washing line as often as possible, and use the tumble dryer less. Use LED light bulbs and close doors as this will keep heat in a room or keep a room cool.

Shopping bags. Use canvas or similar instead of building up a massive pile of supermarket carrier bags. These are bad for the environment and are simply a waste of time if you can provide a better quality, stronger bag instead.

Re-use junk. If you are having a sort out of junk items, take a proper look at them and use your creative side to try and think of different ways to use these items. A CD mobile maybe? Turning dads shirt into a cushion? Or simply restyle an items of clothing.
The possibilities are endless.

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