Saturday, 29 December 2012


On the 27th we celebrated the anniversary of when we first met, our first date. We have always said this was the date we got together, although it wasn't until a month or so later that we became "official".
We have always celebrated this date, with a meal out or trip to the cinema.
There seemed to be an attitude of this date not really being significant, or important enough to warrant a celebration. I guess due to the fact that we are married and therefore have our set anniversary every year.
We don t go overboard and exchange cards and gifts. Its simply about recognising the date and acknowledging it, and it's a great excuse for a date night.

This year we got my mum to babysit and booked a table at Prezzo in Aldeburgh. We've been there twice before and loved it.
We had a really delicious meal. I went for a £19.95 deal choosing Calamari to start, the Zilli Meat pizza for main and bread and butter pudding for dessert.
Every part of the meal was amazing. I think it was the best pizza I have ever eaten in fact!
All washed down with 2 glasses of Rose wine and a glass of beautifully chilled Limoncello.

To us it's still a date to celebrate, it's still an anniversary, us being married doesn't make the date we first met any less special.