Monday, 30 May 2011

Listography: Finals!

Kates Listography this week is held by one of my new favourite Tweeters and Bloggers, Reluctant Housedad.
Now as an expert in all things cheesy, no seriously, he knows his cheese, has Encyclopedias about them too! I was expecting it to be cheese related in some way.
Top 5 favourite cheeses?
Top 5 foods to eat with cheese?
Well he disappointed me.

Instead our topic is FINALS.
Unfortunately, Kate isn’t here to do all that pushing and prodding, so I’ll have to do. C’mon, it’s only a week. One. Week.
So, after much head-scratching and several pints of Doombar, the best I’ve come up with for this week’s Listography is: FINALS
Here’s the premise. A couple of weeks ago we were told the world was going to end. It didn’t (did it? have I missed something?) so The End has now been re-scheduled to December 21 2012.
That leaves us with 18 months to prepare our Final Farewells, Final Suppers, Final Words, Final Destinations, Final Resting Places, Final Shags and lots, lots more.
I first read Reluctant Housedads post on Saturday and planned to write and post mine than, like a good little blogger. I was going to copy most of his list in terms of Final Supper, Final Destination etc BUT I found that too hard. I am a girl who likes her food. How can I pick a Final Supper? And it felt like cheating that I'd be choosing a certain food yet, on the day we were told the world was going to end, this certain meal wasn't consumed by me.

I don't get all this rubbish about the end of the world and think the Mayans were stupid and if the world is going end then anyway, no matter who said it, I just want to go. Let it happen whilst I'm changing a nappy or watching Postman Pat (not exactly two things I would wish for are they!)

So my list for KeithTakes5 is going to be FINAL COUNTDOWN!
I love having something to look forward to and am constantly counting down to something.

1: Belly Beautiful Bump Shoot:
A photographer friend of mine offers a great package now called "Belly Beautiful" you get a maternity shoot and a newborn shoot for a certain price. We have booked this with her (I am paying her for the shoot, please don't think I am advertising and getting it for free)
My bump shoot is THIS COMING SATURDAY! Eeek! I'm not hugely confident anyway and with stretchmarks on my tummy, which, as my husband describes them, look like claw marks, I'm even less confident. (the red strechmarks are extensions of the now clear stretchmarks from my previous pregnancy!)
I am not really bothered about having stretchmarks, I'd rather grow a baby and have stretchmarks than have no stretchmarks and no baby but lets face it, they are NOT pretty.
So I now have until Saturday to plan my outfit, plan my make up (yep I am that organised and fussy) plan how to make it look like I do actually have a neck (I have the shortest neck known to man, its not flattering!)
If I'm happy to share the photos I will see if Shellie will let me blog them (using her watermark across them too of course)

2: A Day At the Wood + Bread and Butter Pudding:
The day after my bump shoot we are travelling to Warwickshire-NUMB BUM ALERT-to see my husbands aunty and uncle (if his uncle isn't working) My husbands mum, sister and brother in law will also be there so we are having a family meal. His uncle [Also one Charles' godfathers] is an amazing cook and will always cook me anything I ask for. I have put in an order for Bread and Butter Pudding and although he may now not be there due to work he is still going to cook my Bread and Butter Pudding for me.
The wood in which they live, which I've blogged about somewhere before, is amazing and has been in the family for A LOT of years (my husbands grandad built the 3 houses in the wood) is such a wonderful place to be, especially in the spring/summer. Expect photographs.

3: Charles' Birthday Weekend and Birthday:
My tiny baby is no longer going to be my tiny baby. He's going to be two. One. Two! Two! Two? How did he get to two??!!
We are having my dad over the Saturday afternoon along with his wife, her mum and my nanny for a BBQ. Then on the Sunday having his "party". His 5 little friends will be there with their parents, our mums, and hubbys sister. (I think) We're doing for a BBQ again as last year I opted for Sandwiches and later regreted it.
On his birthday we are going to the local Wildlife Park. We wanted to go elsewhere but this zoo has Rhinos and they are Charles' current favourite animal (as well as Dinosaurs, I guess they look a bit like Dinosaurs?!)
We have said that once we are ready to go home we will take him to the gift shop and buy him some kind of Rhino souvenir. And then we are going to head to a nearby pub for dinner. We considered Pizza Hut but the nearby pub does the most amazing food and we don't go there enough!

4: Feet Nibbleage and Spa Treatment afternoon!:
I'm going to get my feet nibbled by loads of tiny and hungry fish. I'm going with my best friend, she went before and enjoyed it so I'm going with her. I then suggested we go somewhere else and have some other treatments. Although I have no idea what to have! I'm thinking of being boring and just having something done to my eyebrows (wax and dye maybe) and maybe getting my lashes dyed.
Manicures are out as I am a disgusting nail biter. Pedicures I don't get, I can paint my own toe nails and touch them up if chipped.
And a facial, well I did think about a facial but stupidly I think that I have a decent moisturiser, I have cleaners and toners and face scrubs which, when I can be bothered to use, leaves my skin amazing.
And massages make me feel a bit uncomfortable.

5: Hmmmmm, difficult one. The Spa treatment takes me to the end of June then we're into July. What could I possibly be counting down to in July.
Oh yeah..........BABY BOY NUMBER TWO!
No description or explanation needed.

[6 & 7 are a family holiday to the Lake District (maybe) in October and then BoyTwos Christening in November...unless we change our minds and go for January]
Phew! Glad I went for this list rather than the end of the world one. I'm not left feeling all depressed and teary....ok I am teary but its hormones!

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