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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

How to cope with football widowhood

Does football cast a dark shadow over your relationship?
Are you a football widow? And if you are – what do you do about it?
Many women find themselves in this situation today and whilst it’s all a bit of fun, it can actually become quite a problem in some marriages and relationships when one half of the partnership (usually the male) becomes really obsessed. No obsession is a positive thing and there are many things many people become obsessed with to too high a degree, but if you had to pick one that tops the charts – it’s probably football.
So what’s a girl to do in this situation? Well, there are a number of different coping strategies, chief among which is the “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” approach. The reason so many men in the UK, in particular, are obsessed with football is that the Premier League really is breathlessly exciting a lot of the time once you get into it. So instead of ignoring it and hoping it will go away, why not try giving yourself to it fully and trying to understand what’s so interesting?
One good way of getting more interested is by engaging in a little football betting so that you have a vested interest in the games. This can be for tiny stakes (and most bookmakers give you bonus offers when you sign up) but it’s surprising how even a minuscule stake helps pique your interest.
Similarly, following a specific team on TV and at a few real games really helps get the football blood flowing. It doesn’t take long for you to lose half your rationale and to become fiercely partisan – behaviour you’ve no doubt seen displayed by your other half.
Alternatively, you can choose to view the Premier League and the goings-on therein as a type of entertaining soap opera, which is kind of what it is. None of this stuff is tremendously serious or a matter of life and death, yet it is treated as the most serious subject on earth. So looking on as an outsider is quite entertaining – and the current Premier League season with minor clubs doing well and high profile sackings like that of Jose Mourinho, make it all the more gripping. Pretty soon, you’ll find you’re looking forward to next week’s episode - can Norwich do the double over Manchester United, who’ll be the next big managerial casualty – and, of course, who’ll win the Premier League?

"Arsenal Stadium - Thierry Henry Statue 2" (CC BY 2.0) by  Ronnie Macdonald 

CAPTION: Get behind a Premier League team like Arsenal
All the questions are the kind of thing that seems to excite the interest of millions of UK males for over 50% of their waking hours – and they can’t all be complete numbskulls, can they?

Well, if your answer was a resounding “yes” to this rhetorical question, then the “joining ‘em” approach probably isn’t going to cut it for you – so you need to find an alternative strategy. This may involve telling your other half how you feel about his obsession and encouraging him to try and see your point of view. Alternatively, find something to get obsessed in yourself that takes up half your waking hours and see how he likes it!

5 Easy Ways To Add Value To Your Home In 2016

Making improvements around the house won’t only make it a better place for you to live, it will also add to the value when the time comes for you to move out.

If your first thought is that you don’t want to build an extension because you don’t have the money, you don’t want builders in your house for weeks on end or you simply don’t want one? Well, you don’t have to! There are many easy ways to add value to your home that can be done quickly, cheaply and easily, without too much disruption to your daily life.

A survey carried out by Zopa found that the average home improvement would add at least 10% to the value of the home. So, here are five easy ways you could consider adding to the value of your home:

1. Garden
The second most popular way to add value to you home isn’t by doing anything to your actual house; it is by making changes to your garden!

Your front garden is the first impression that potential buyers will get of your home and therefore gives an impression of your whole house.

This couldn’t be simpler! If you are looking for a complete makeover you may want to call in the professionals, but there is plenty you can do yourself. Take a look at sites such as YouGarden where you will find everything you need, from plants to tools and equipment. If it is looking a little neglected start by just tidying it up and clearing the rubbish – then go from there!  

2. Conservatory
A conservatory adds valuable space and light – although it does mean giving up some of your garden space! That said a low maintenance garden is very appealing to some so you could plan this into your garden design.

As well as giving you an extra room within your home, it will enable you to enjoy the garden when the weather doesn’t allow you to be outside.

A conservatory tops the list of home improvements that add value to your home, with a 108% return on your investment. Plus, unlike an extension, it usually doesn’t need planning permission!

3. Carpets
Laying new carpets is one of the easiest ways to update your house and add value to it at the same time. Carpet can become worn, dirty and dated over the years – particularly in the rooms you walk through the most, such as the hallway.

Either get your carpets cleaned or get new carpet and your home will instantly look fresh and modern.  

4. Loft Conversion

What do you have in your loft – do you even know? Our lofts tend to be full of the junk that we don’t really need but aren’t quite ready to get rid of yet! However, that space is being wasted. Rather than being used simply for storage it could be a games room for the kids, an extra bedroom, a reading or hobbies room for you – the possibilities are endless!  

A loft conversion can add 20% to the value of your home and many don’t need planning permission as they fall in the category Permitted Development Rights.

5. Roof
It is important to keep your roof maintained, ensuring there are no leaks, it is insulated and in good condition.

If it appears the roof may need fixing, buyers can push the price down. However, by investing in it you can expect a 63% return.

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