Wednesday, 23 April 2014

#GoGreen Blog Trail. Win an Aleva Naturals Gift Set

When I was pregnant I loved buying lovely little toiletry sets for myself and for the baby. It almost felt like I was treating myself and the baby to something special.
I think toiletry sets are also the perfect "go to" gift for any expectant or new parents.

Aleva products contain no hidden chemicals known to trigger skin reactions, dry out tender baby skin or cause long-term health risks. They’re made in Canada and specially formulated to deliver therapeutic results as well as soft, healthy feeling skin.
The Avela Naturals Gift Set is the perfect gift for any expectant parent to either use on themselves or on their child/ren. It includes:
Aleva Naturals™ 2 in 1 Hair & Body Wash – 240ml
Aleva Naturals™ Berry Bubble Bath - 240ml
Aleva Naturals™ Daily Soothing Moisturiser – 240ml
Aleva Naturals™ Bamboo Baby™ Wipes 80 Pack
The gift set costs £29.99 to buy via Vital Baby.

I have one gift pack to giveaway to readers of my blog. All you have to do is fill in the Rafflecopter form below.
Once you've entered my competition why not head over to Jax at Making it Up as she is giving away a 'Calafant paint your own treehouse'.
The giveaways are part of BumpPR's Go Green Blog Trail and there are some other fantastic prizes on offer.

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The Ultimate Relaxation Space

I think for a lot of parents having your own space is really important. Somewhere to go away from the stress of being a parent, if there is such a place, away from the piles and piles of toys and clothes and homework which seems to grow and grow every day.
Parents need a space to be able to relax, lay back and read a book or watch television or even for mum to sit and paint her nails without the worry of her children grabbing the bottle and spilling it everywhere, or putting it on themselves. Or in fact the worry of having to smudgeher freshly painted nails either.

My ultimate relaxation space would be my bedroom, but with a lot of tweaks.
Firstly, a bigger room. As we live in a modern semi-detached house the bedrooms aren't huge. I would want enough space to be able to put in a big fitted wardrobe with shelves and hanging rails and shoe racks.

I would also like a room with an ensuite, so I can go to the toilet in peace and have a shower with no one else watching.

I rarely get to watch the programmes I like until my husband has gone to bed so my perfect relaxation space would have to include a tv bed. TV beds are such a great idea because they leave enough wall space to be able to hang up lots of photos, mirrors and other pretty things and of course would save having an ugly wire up the wall too.

I would have enough space to have a trunk at the bottom of the bed to keep soft faux fur throws in. The bed would be covered in big fluffy cushions.
The walls would have floating shelves which would be scattered with beautiful scented candles.

And lastly, mood lighting. A couple of pretty lamps placed in the corner of the room to create a calm atmosphere yet enough light for me to be able to see to paint my nails.

What would be in your ultimate relaxation space?

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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

A Night Away on the Broads

The Easter holidays were very exciting indeed, and busier than I thought they would be with lots of trips to the boat to sort "stuff" and have a play.
My husband booked Saturday off work and on Good Friday we headed to the boat, met with our sailing instructor and planned to have a sailing lesson to follow the one we had had on the Tuesday. Unfortunately it was too windy for us as beginners so we didn't get to put the sails up but thanks to an engine we are able to explore the Broads in any weather. My husband and the instructor looked at the mast, the ropes and the sails to check everything over whilst the boys and I sat inside watching other boats motor and sail past.
Once we had dropped off our instructor and waved goodbye my husband had many trips to the car to get all of the stuff we needed for a couple of nights on the boat. We were all really excited to sleep on her and find fun places to moor up and also strangely excited to have the challenge of what to eat with limited cooking space.
With boxes full of Pot Noodles, 'just add water' pastas, pies, beans, 'just add water' porridge (soooo yummy) and a fridge with homemade lasagne we filled the drawers and made ourselves at home.

We sailed around, practised using the motor and mooring up, Harry slept and Charles was the best Captain there ever was.
We found the spot we wanted to moor up for the night. A nice space with no one else around until a big group joined later on but were a little way up the bank so didn't disturb us too much.
We cooked the lasagne and some garlic bread in our little oven, had a beer (just my husband and me of course) and listened to music, including some 1930's songs to fit in with the history of the boat.
We listened out for any birds we could hear and both myself and my husband got really excited when we heard a Bittern. It was quite an amazing sound and must have been quite close as we heard it quite clearly and quite a few times, even in the morning.
Then came bed time. We put the boys in their onesies, they played a lot in their big bed at the front and eventually we all fell asleep.

Then it went a big wrong.
12.30 I was woken by a 2 year old white as a sheet (a white sheet of course) and freezing cold. His juice had spilt in his sleeping bag and he was soaking wet. So off went his onesie and on went trousers, t shirt and a jumper because I hadn't packed a spare pair of pjs as I didn't think we would need any.
With his sleeping bag wet I pulled mine from my berth and joined him and Charles at the front. We snuggled down and he started to cough, I knew what was coming next.
He was sick. All over himself, all over my top, and my sleeping bag. We managed to get him into the toilet where he continued and as I tried to clear up the mess, trying not to panic at the small space, and now severe lack of bedding and clothing.
I got him changed...again and just put a jumper on myself. I managed to make my sleeping bag more of a duvet, moving the messy bit to the bottom and on the top (you're welcome for the detail) and Harry chose to sleep in my berth towards the back of the cabin. Thankfully we have 2 big wool rug blankets which I was able to put over him and he was really warm.
We all then woke up at 8am.

We enjoyed a cup of tea, a lovely warm porridge and a beautiful view of the Broads. We had another explore around, again using the motor, and decided that due to my sleeping bag situation we would have to return home. If it was just down to Harry's wet onesie we would have just popped to the nearby Asda to pick him up another but we had no choice.
We stayed moored up on the boat for the afternoon. Enjoyed lunch on the boat of sandwiches, and a tuna pasta salad. My husband and Charles stood on the deck and admired the other sailors going past, all in different boats, all of different ages.

Although we were all disappointed to be leaving early we've certainly learnt a few things for next time. We also know that if we can sleep on the boat when it's as chilly as it was, then the Summer will not be a problem at all.
The trip certainly had it's ups and downs but I'm learning to draw a line under the negatives and just carry forward the positives. Those are the memories I want to keep.
Quality time with my family. Seeing my husbands passion continue, and watching Charles sit next to his daddy equally as proud of our beautiful boat.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Ella Bella Bicycle Scarf | Review

I've always been a fan of scarves, I find them to be a nice way to brighten up a plain outfit, add a bit of colour to a black outfit, or to compliment colours in other accessories or shoes.
I swore by scarves when breastfeeding both of the boys, especially the bigger sizes.
Over the years my scarf collection had grown and is almost uncontrollable. I get very obsessive and scarves have to be a certain size (the bigger the better). I'll also get an idea in my head of what kind of colour or design I want and then HAVE to have it.

When I first discovered Ella Bella scarves I fell in love with the Bicycle design. I've always wanted a scarf with a Penny Farthing design but this was close enough and I couldn't stop thinking about it.
When I was given the opportunity to review one I of course chose that exact design.

When it arrived I loved the brightness of the white against the blue of the bicycles. It made the print really stand out. The print is really clear.
The size of the scarf is PERFECT and exactly the size I usually like my scarves to be.
I really like the fact that due to the big size I can wear it in a variety of styles to suit what I'm wearing and where I am.

Perfect for Spring days when there is a little chill in the air and you want to wear a dress and a denim jacket and need something else to make you nice and warm.
Perfect for Summer days when you want to wear a strappy summer dress but need a little cover up to make you feel a bit more confident.
Perfect for Autumn when, like spring, there is a chill in the air and your wooly jumpers are starting to make an appearance and need brightening up.
Perfect for Winter when you want to feel pretty, accessorise and keep yourself extra toasty and warm.

The Bicycles scarf costs £8.50 and is one of many beautiful designs available from Ella Bella scarves.

I was sent this scarf for the purpose of this review.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Happy Sunday | Week Eight

Whether or not you think Sunday is the end of the week, or the beginning of a new one, I thought it would be a nice idea to look back on the week that has just past and to look at the things that have made me happy and made me smile.
I think it can be easy to look back on a hard week and miss out on those things. A week of bad weather for example can really make it seem as though the whole week was a complete fail. But it probably wasn't. We must all smile at least once a day. I know I do, even if I forget it.

Things that made me happy this week:

A Kind Heart...again.

I know I said 'A Kind Heart' in Week Four but once again this sweet little boy has been so kind.
Charles' kindness and sensitivity amazes me sometimes. He really cares about people and has the biggest kindest heart of any child I know.
I mentioned last week in my Love The Little Things post that we have made some really wonderful friends through sailing already and sadly they are selling their boat and moving abroad.  The boys have really taken to them and Charles wanted to draw them a picture of their boat and write them a letter too. The reason he drew the picture was because he "doesn't want them to forget Queenie or me".


There are so many daisies on the grass around where we moor our boat. Charles again was super adorable as he skipped and hopped around the grass trying not to stand on any....which is tricky because there really are SO many.
The boys are both super sweet because they will always pick me a daisy or three. I adore daisies anyway but it makes me so pleased that they want to do that for me.


I am a really insecure person. Any one who has read previous posts will know that I don't believe that anyone likes me, or could like me. Especially people who I look up to or would like to be friends with.
This week, in real life, I had two really wonderful compliments that made my week, and made me cry happy tears.
These compliments were from two men who we've met through sailing. Both are in their 50's/60's and admire each of them, so it meant a lot for them to tell me these nice things.
I know this sounds really weird, getting compliments from older men but it wasn't at all.
One told me how kind I am, and made compliments about my nature. Which really meant a lot.
The other, our sailing instructor, told me I had brought "a ray of sunshine in this old mans life".
These comments really hit me straight in my heart. They made me smile and made me feel really good about myself. These men will never know how much those kind words made me feel, and how well appreciate they were.

The Sunset

This photo is unedited, I wanted to show off how completely beautiful the view was over the Broads last week. So so beautiful. A couple of days before this we were stood in the exact same spot and watched as the mist rolled in over the fields. It was really quite eerie and scary as it surrounded us, but beautiful all the same.
I cannot wait to see more views like this, maybe even better, over the next 6-7 months.

 A Description

Charles and I will regularly play a game of "what do you love about me?" On Thursday this week we had a new game of "describe me in 3 words". I chose for him:
For me he chose:
You love me
You love eyebrows.
Ok, so he didn't totally get what he was supposed to do but it works....other than the eyebrows thing. Random.
But the first word he used meant a lot. It meant I have clearly started to turn a corner. For a while I was a shouty mummy, a lot. I'm still a shouty mummy at times, as a few of us are I'm sure, but certainly not as much as I was. The fact that he see's me as being happy means I am showing him more of the happy side of me. I worry that he has maybe seen me cry too much recently, or picks up on my anxiousness too much, but for him to immediately think of me as being happy means I'm doing something right.

What made you happy this week?

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