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Monday, 3 August 2015

Work On Yourself

There's a list right? A big list. When you think about working on yourself.
You're not as bad as you think you know. You're just changing. You're growing. You are finding yourself.
You're not  lost sheep, but it's like, when you look around you, you are standing in a big open space and as you look around you just see this mess. Piles of mess.
As you write this you picture it as pies of Lego. You're unsure as to how you are supposed to be sorting them.
Do you sort it by colour or are you supposed to look deeper into it?
Are you supposed to use these piles to build separate things? Taking a piece from that pile and adding it to that one to make it fit?
What if the Lego, altogether, builds you?

I think the hardest thing is, that you don't know where to start.
How do you work out what is the most important element to start with and to work on first?

You can sit, as you are doing now, and list the things. You can try and put them in order of importance but that's hard isn't it? When you can't work out what is the most important, because it all is, isn't it?
All of those things lead back to what, ultimately, is the most important. YOU!

You don't want to waste life, do you?

To do that whole "talent show cliche" 'life is a journey'. But when we get to the end, what happens then? Is it for nothing?
Maybe not, and maybe that is why you need to work on yourself.
To be the best version of you for whatever is next.
To ensure that this chapter of whatever life is, is a good one.

What if that is the way you need to look at life? You believe you have been here before, right?
Well, what if that that was one of the chapters and this is the next.
Not your story, but a story of your soul. And you play all these different "characters".
I don't know. I'm just giving you ideas.

You need to focus on your more though. You need to accept that maybe you've changed for a reason.

It feels significant doesn't it? It feels like there is a reason behind it, that is hasn't happened just because. You know?

Maybe you'll find out why. Maybe you won't.
Maybe you'll make mistakes, wrong decisions. But, maybe that's what you are supposed to do.
Maybe this, well, "THIS" that you are going through, maybe it is to build you up, to wake you up. To make you stronger.
Everyone else is so important to you.
Everyone else takes priority.
Their thoughts on how you should live, what you should do with your body and so on.
You care too much.

Picture yourself. In an open space again. Surround yourself with the people who you put above yourself. Those who are important, who take priority.
The ones whose opinions you put above your own.
The ones who you let have more of a say over your life and everything abut it.
That's a lot of people, right? It's never ending.
Take them all away.
All of them.
Who is left?


That is the most important person. That's who should take priority. That is the person whose opinions should matter more than anyone else's.
That is the person, the only person who you should let influence you.

Work on yourself.
Realise how important you are.
Fix and organise that lego around you, it will help in so many ways. It won't be easy. It won't happen quickly. But you can do it.

Just work on yourself. It will be worth it.

Bean Bag Planet | Review and Giveaway

The time came recently to take the step in getting Harry a single bed.
He had been sleeping in his cotbed, with the sides removed obviously. And with a really uncomfortable mattress and no room to turn over it felt like the right time to purchase a new bed.
His room is small so the logical thing was to buy a cabin bed, with the plan to use the space underneath wisely.

We're still working out how best to use it, and something I really wanted to do for him was to create an area that was almost den like, where he could play with his toys, read a book, write or draw.
I wanted a comfy seat, something that he could relax in, but also be comfortable enough for him to move around in and to suit him as he grows.

Bean Bag Planet kindly sent us one of their Bean Bag Chairs to review.

Two removable covers.
1x newborn cover with strap and buckle.
1x toddler cover without strap and buckle.
Bean bag base with double zipper protection.
2.5 cubic feet of filling.

When this turned up I was a little surprised that you have to fill the cover yourself, and it's not a case of zipping up the cover over a netted bag of tiny balls. You have to pour the balls into the bag, which is a little fiddly and tricky...and messy if you tip the majority of them all over your kitchen floor. (fun times when you have a kitten!) 
However, once the bag was full I felt confident enough that there was no way we would be seeing those balls again thanks to the quality of the bag.
Two removable covers make the bean bag suitable from newborn up to age 7, if not older. We are using the newborn cover, which is against the health and safety advice given from Bean Bag Planet, however when Harry isn't sitting in it (he doesn't use the straps) we place his teddies in there and they are occasionally strapped in. 

The bean bag is comfortable and Harry is able to sit up or to lay back, depending on what he is doing. The shape of the bean bag means it fits perfectly in the space under his bed, and if we had it in the lounge or another room in the house it wouldn't take up too much space. The design is also pleasing to the eye and wouldn't make any room look messy, which I think the "classic" shape can possibly do. 

The bean bags are available in a wide range of fabrics, making it hard to choose which to have as there is so much choice.

If you would like to be in with the chance to win your own bean bag, simply use the form below and follow the steps.

Good luck!

Health and usage benefits:
Helps reduce the risk of flat head.
Provides comfort for babies with colic and/or acid reflux.
Has a maximum weight of 30kg (newborn to around 8 years old).
Very lightweight and easy to move around the house, perfect for nurseries, bedrooms and living rooms.
Easy to clean:
The interchangeable covers allow for easy clean up.
Both top covers are washable at 30°C, both in the washing machine and by hand.
For best results, both covers should be air-dried.
The base can be wiped clean with a moist cloth and air-dried
Both the bean bag filling and the bean bag covers are fire retardant.
Our bean bags meet all of the relevant fire safety regulations.
Children must be supervised at all times whilst using the bean bag. Do not leave unattended.
Do not lift or move the bean bag chair while the child is on it.
Parents should make the switch to the toddler cover, once your child is able to move the chair on their own, or when it is no longer safe to strap him/her to the bean bag chair.

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